• Gunite swimming pool.
  • Patio design, walkways, custom backyard landscape.
  • Water feature garden pond.
  • Fire pit with custom stone work and patio.
  • Custom gunite swimming pool.
  • Backyard landscaping, planting and shrubs.
  • Frontyard landscape design and plans.
  • Custom designed patio, landscape design and plantings.
  • Backyard landscape and landscape design.
  • Cedar arbor shade structure.

Lawn Spraying

lawn-care-newsThis time of year it is important to get your lawn analyzed and sprayed by a lawn company to avoid the dreaded crabgrass, poanna and troublesome weeds that pop up if your lawn is not treated. Most lawn companies offer a seven time per year treatment of weeds as well as fertilization to keep your lawn healthy and vigorous throughout the season. They also offer price breaks the first part of the year as well to gain additional clients.

Although we do not offer that particular service, we recommend Davis Lawn who has an outstanding reputation for serving Memphis, North Mississippi and the surrounding areas. Call Lee for a free competetive price quote at 901-413-8356. Mention this blog to receive half off your initial treatment through the month of January.