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Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

Growth Spurts offers the installation of automatic underground sprinkler systems to keep the new landscape or existing landscape fresh and vibrant.

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Bringing Life to Your Yard

Best Irrigation Systems and installation in the Mid-south

Preserve and protect your lawn and landscape with a high quality irrigation sprinkler system from Growth Spurts. We use Hunter and Rain Bird irrigation products for our systems which are both leaders in the sprinkler system industry.

Rain Sensors Provide Irrigation Efficiency

We provide rain sensors that come standard on our systems to stop the system from running when we get adequate rainfall. Why waste water when you don’t need it. Save water and save money with a professionally installed irrigation system by Growth Spurts. 

Irrigation Inspection and Maintenance

Our irrigation service staff will inspect the sprinkler heads and system in the spring to make sure all heads are functioning properly. In the fall they will turn off the systems and blow out the lines. We also offer back flow certification if you live in the Memphis and surrounding areas.

Our guarantee is a three year parts and labor warranty,
which is the best in the business.

Video: How Irrigation Systems Work

Systems and Services We Offer

  Learn How Irrigation Systems Work

Irrigation Maintenance Packages

Gold Service

Price: $600 annually

Monthly irrigation check ups through out the growing season from May through November. Our professional service staff will run through entire system to check for proper coverage of plants lawn and pots to ensure all areas are being covered equally ensuring consistent growth for plants trees lawn and flowers! We will make adjustments as needed to create this consistency. (Billable at our standard labor rates) $600 per year to include the winterization, spring turn on, and backflo certification as well as monthly routine check ups!

Silver Service

Price: $450 annually

Our most popular service contract will provide you with a bi-monthly irrigation checkup throughout the summer growing season. Spring turn ons are typically in April and as temperatures heat up, your watering needs may change. A checkup in June, August and October help to ensure your levels of watering are appropriate for the time of year. Silver service levels also include your spring startup, your backflo certification, and your fall turn off. 

Bronze Service

Price: $300 annually

Bronze service includes our spring start up where we check all heads for proper coverage and initial turn on. It also includes a midsummer check-up the first week of July as well as the backflo certification and fall turn off where we actually blow all the water out of the lines to prevent freezing. 

Standard Service

Price: Included with standard irrigation services

This level of service includes your spring startup, fall turn-off and backflo certification for Shelby county. We have the same level of care for each of our customers when we come to your house so this level of service is for the do-it-yourself customers who like to have their systems turned on and off professionally but have time to regulate their own water consumption and needs.