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Scott Sellers

Extremely Impressed: My name is Scott Sellers and I own Scott’s Perfect Lawns, LLC. We are a full service residential and commercial lawn maintenance company. Bill Baltes and I met in 2004 working for an upscale custom home builder. Bill’s company would design and install the landscape and irrigation on the new homes and my company would maintain the property until it was sold. Then the builder would refer my company to maintain the property for the new homeowner. I have maintained many of these properties over the years. I have never had a single customer complain about the work or follow up they have received from Growth Spurts! Bill has followed up with all of these customers until they were completely satisfied and they use him now for any new installations they may need. I have been extremely impressed with the relationship that Bill has developed with these clients and they have referred he and I a lot of business! It is nice to deal with a company that does what they say they are going to and follows up with the customer. I have referred Bill to all of my customers who needed landscaping and he has never failed to live up to mine or the customers’ expectations! If you need landscaping, irrigation or a pool, look no further! Growth Spurts is the company to use!